Machine Tool Enclosure Design

Widma entrusted Form B Design + Research with the Exterior design of the guard of the Ecogrind Compact Tool and Cutter Grinder. 

Kennametal wanted to have a modern, contemporary and sophisticated look for the exterior to reflect the cutting edge modern technologies the machine possessed. It was also keen on making the machine look compact since the product was to develop small tools.

The project came with a very tight time line since the machine was to be launched at the IMTEX 2019.

Form B D+R, put in all the efforts to pull off this exercise which was to become a display of its superior design skills. It had excellent support from the internal teams at Kennametal, especially the internal engineering team, and the very skilled guard manufacturer

Smart Energy Meter | Smart City Initiative for a Modern India

Best Industrial Design in Bangalore

Smart Energy Monitoring for a Modern India

A Design Language created for the New brand PRYSM, to represent its dynamism.

Also a game changer in the metering Industry with an unconventional `deboxed’ design

Industrial Design

The Industrial design intent of the PRYSM brand of Smart Energy Meter, is to have a unique identity and a pleasant experience to  the client and its users.

Prysm being a new brand in the Smart meter category and a late entrant in the competitive  energy meter segment,  needed to have a unique and `eye catching’ identity.

The design language was defined primarily  by its  `deboxed’ shape which is a deviation from most of the energy meters. The  chamfer which runs around the edges gives it character and became a key design ingredient to give a family look across different product SKUs.

The vibrant aesthetics and the latest  technology solutions of the smart , has garnered attention and keen interest at trade shows and from prospective utilities.

Smart Plug | Smart City Initiative for a Modern India

IOT solution for homes, to control and monitor energy. 

The smart plug , which will be an integral element of the Smart City initiative, will be used to monitor and control the power consumtion of devices which are used in homes.

The elegant and dynamic design, hides the fact that it is indeed a 15 Amps plug. The form has effectively managed, which would have otherwise been a really bulky device.

Touch Water Purifier Concept

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