You cannot design a Service and throw it up in the air…

It has to sit in a place, in a context, in an environment.
to be experienced by its users..sustainably

Before we begin the design, it has become an overarching necessity to have a deep understanding of the user and the environment.

  • the relationship the product will have with the environment, the people and the systems.
  • research, to unearth the innate need of the users,
  • brand, within which the product becomes a family
  • the way the product will be made, the supply chain, the people who are going to sell it at your behalf..

Hence Design Research, Innovation and Strategic Design with everything and everyone around you

Form B Design + Research  is a  new product development venture with extensive experience in conceptualising and building new products and services. 


With expertise in unearthing core insights through Design Research to  exploring new form factors, exploring new ways of designing and manufacturing products.


 Infusing the values of cost effective manufacturing , sustainability and building strong brands  through products and services

Bringing the contemporary visual culture to Machines

Ecogrind SX 5 Limo was the first project  of Form B Design + Research to be launched…

Form B Design + Research designed a stunning exterior style for the machine which reflects the sophisticated technology, precision and the compactness of this new range of tool and cutter grinders

Strategic Design | Design Thinking

A good part of the work done  is in the area of of creating strategic design approaches for organisations to gain insights in creating  innovative  and break thru products and services.

Design Research and strategy was also used extensively in generating insights to improve sustainability

Design Thinking helps to bridge Trends, Research and sometimes synthesizing synergies within to create innovative platforms and architecture for the products and services of the future

Industrial Design

Industrial design and innovation is a culmination of processes ….
which arise from a deep empathy to users and their immate needs, the context and environement the product exists , and therefore trends, textures..
respect to materials and processes fine engineering, choosing the appropriate materials and attention to details the principles of sustainable design

Design Research

Simply put, Design Research is the  Art of reading between the lines… Data synthesis through an Empathy lens and to see the problem through a designer’s perspective is critical to identify the real , real problem. Especially in India and other developing countries were people live through a lot of hardships, they may not be able to articulate the real issues they face. It is on you as a Design Researcher to identify them through  visual observation techniques and contextual enquiry


Core Areas

Industrial Design

Strategic Product Design

Design Thinking 

Design Research

Brand  Design


Mechanical Engineering



Project Management

Vendor Development 

Tooling and Part production

Manufacturing support

Design Registration

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